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The Development and Humanitarian Aid Foundation (ENSAN Aid/ Egypt ) “ENSAN”  an Arabic word meaning human being).Ensan Aid was founded in 2014 by Dr, Mahmoud A. EL Saman with funding as a big donation, from his own pocket,who wanted, after years of experience in the field of international development programs to devote his life to the humanitarian issues affecting Egypt and west Africa .

In 2017 Dr. Elsamman  visited Burkina Faso and met with Burkina Faso’s state ministers and President Kapoori’s adviser.

Dr, Elsaman visited the villages of Burkina Faso and after the visit he  decided to establish ENSAN AID/west Africa  after he saw the suffering of children and women, where there is hunger, thirst, poverty and disease.

Ensan Aid is a non-profit, non-governmental organization. Our work focuses on high-impact programs to address the pressing issues facing children, women and the disadvantaged in poorer communities to support sustainable development initiatives that seek to find solutions to the growth of the community while promoting the empowerment of girls, women, children and youth who are most in need.

ENSAN Aid foundation has many international and national partners such as the Swiss Agency,Plan International (Us Organization), Coptic  Orphans(Us Organization) ,American University in Cairo , South Korea’s Peace Youth Organization,Oldham College in Britain and Drosos Foundation(Swiss foundation) .

ENSAN Aid is a member of a number of regional, national and international networks such as Member of Euro-Mediterranean women’s foundation – African Youth Network , international peace youth group as an affiliate to IPYG and the switchers…est

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signed a cooperation agreement with the Dorsos Foundation

ENSAN Aid Egypt signed a cooperation agreement with the Dorsos Foundation (Swiss organization) on the project “Youth for community Action” the project aim to Enabling youth to participate in the community and in Entrepreneurship.The agreement was signed by Dr. Wessam El Beih, Country Director  and Mr . Richard Brogle,Chief Executive Officer  and from ENSAN AID foundation ; […]


Some of the international  electronic websites talked about the biogas project

Some of the international  electronic websites discussed and talked about the biogas project for sustainable rural development, the websites like the   Switchers  . The project was implemented in cooperation with the Blan International,for more details please visit this link ; https://www.theswitchers.eu/en/switchers/non-profit-animal-manure-biogas-underground-units/  

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Youth for community Action
SHARIK for better life program (Enabling youth to participate in the community)
Generation of biogas for sustainable rural development
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