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Welcome to Ensan Aid west Africa

The Development and Humanitarian Aid Organization (ENSAN Aid) was founded in 2014 by Dr.  Mahmoud A.Elsaman who wanted, after waging of experience in the field of international development programs to devote his life to humanitarian issues pressing in Egypt and west Africa. Ensan Aid is a non-profit, non-governmental organization. Our work focuses on high-impact programs to address the pressing issues facing children, women and the disadvantaged in poorer communities to support sustainable development initiatives that seek to find solutions to the growth of the community while promoting the empowerment of girls, women and children who are most in need.

To provide better access to humanitarian services and integrated care and where there are no programs in health, education, economic, social empowerment, Clean Water and Fight hunger and thirst and development for girls, women and children via partnerships and cooperation with the government sector, private sector, civil society organizations, international organizations and the establishment of strong relationships with donors. Providing funding for that part of the project from our own resources

The empowerment of women and children; provision of: humanitarian services, health care services, education, economic, social empowerment, Clean Water and Fight hunger and thirst. We also believe in the value of cooperation and partnership with everyone.

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