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How much money can I donate it?
You can donate even one pound equivalent of less than 1 $

Where does your money go? 
For poor children who are in dire need of education and health care for the poor and poorer regions and needy.

How do I see the results of my donation?
We take care of and we encourage you to visit and follow-up through a poor family get off the field and what has been achieved through the pictures and video and financial reports documented  

What we do with your money:
Donors can choose to donate money to our general account to be used at our discretion or: 
1. Sponsor in full or part one of our programs (publicity in program materials will be given to sponsors unless they specify otherwise) 

2. Sponsor a child or family. Sponsors will be given an email address on our servers for contacting the family. We will ensure the funds are used for improving quality of life or for education etc. Photo’s and reports will be sent regularly to sponsors. Sponsor’s visiting west Africa can visit our offices and be escorted to meet their family/child 

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UBA;United Bank for Africa .
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