Dr,Mahmoud El Saman
Founder and Chairman

Dr. El Saman currently works cooperation and planning and provide support in the field of international relief and development in Africa, Asia and Europe. He has also contributed to the development of many projects and programs in several countries and international grants management through partnerships with “governments, relevant ministries and NGOs. El Saman has also worked as programs Manger and now as CEO Through in many international organizations such as: CEDPA an American organization operates in several countries,  and the Program Development / Canadian Agency for International Development and International Republican Institute…..He has also contributed to the development of some of the youth programs with countries in the Middle East and North Africa. He is a member and founder of a number of associations and organizations , including the founder & President of ENSAN Aid Organization in west africa ,founder  of Population Development Services Center. He Traveled to over twenty  nations, within 3 continents.